Blandford St Mary – Exhibition Manager’s Notes

A brief description of the layout for inclusion into your program.

Blandford St Mary is a small town in the south of the country served by a through secondary line between the S&D and GWR. Its main industry, which dominates the town, is a brewery.  A small dairy complex is served via the engine shed track. The authorities, realising the potential of traffic movements since the building of the brewery complex have extended the station platform and run round loop so as to accommodate the longer trains visiting the area.

The line is also used as a diversionary route when there are problems on the main line and so it is possible to see locomotives of other companies on their way to the coast with holiday makers as well as local trains.

The layout has recently been improved by the addition of point rodding, track realignment and several scenic changes.

Van Hire dependant on the time of hire
Petrol/Diesel – Van & Operators Cars dependant upon the distance
Operators minimum 6
Power 1 x 13amp sockets
Tables None
Space required 10metre x 2.5 metre  (35ft x 7ft)
Special requirements NO STAIRS PLEASE

For further information e-mail John Hipwell – the coordinator