Prospect Point – Exhibitions Manager’s Notes

Prospect Point

Prospect Point is a new American HO logging and branch line layout set in Montana in the fading days of steam. Three small junctions on different levels are linked by steep switchbacks (zig-zags) of track. Geared logger and more conventional steam locos patiently work a variety of lumber, woodpulp and ore trains up and down 1 in 25 grades.Exhib Mgr Plan

The layout is L-shaped with viewers outside the L (they look from bottom or right on the floor plan). With seven metres of fully-modelled layout and two hidden fiddle yards, trains can be seen working a scale mile (65 actual feet) through the switchbacks.

Buildings on the layout are all either scratch-built, or hand-built from laser-cut wood kits. Locos are all DCC and sound equipped; Digitrax wireless DCC works trains, uncouplers and points. The layout has its own lighting and additional sound effects; train unloading on the layout is mechanised. Construction of the layout has featured in “Roundhouse”, the magazine for American modellers in Britain.

Look out for the high wooden trestle; working wagon tippler, fully-equipped sawmill interior and tiny mine trains – all set against steep and rocky slopes where hills surround the logging pond.

Scale American ‘HO’ scale
Gauges Standard, Narrow (3’), Dual, Industrial (1’8”)
Location Montana, USA
Van Hire Sprinter or Luton; depends on hire time
Diesel Van &   Operators Depends on distance
Operators 8
Catering ‘Special’   requirements None
Power 1x 13amp socket
Tables 1,  4’ x 2’ min, for stock
Insurance value £22,500 plus stock
Set up time 2 hours
Space required Size: rectangular plan, 18 feet along the front edge; 16 feet along the right-hand edge. The layout has two 12ft edges, meeting at an outer corner. The outside is the viewing side; operators work the layout from both front and rear, hence the additional space requirement. Crowd barriers are placed on 2 sides.
Special requirements No stairs and please advise if other layouts are using Digitrax wireless.

For further information e-mail Dave Fryer layout coordinator