Prospect Valley – Exhibition Manager’s Notes

 A brief description of the layout for inclusion into your program.
An obscure branch Line in the mid West of the USA, (so obscure it does not appear on any maps!!!) surviving the difficult times just after WWII. The stub end station is the junction between the branch and even more decrepit mine line that heads off up the mountain side on a 4 percent grade. This step grade makes it necessary to use various geared locomotives such as Shays, Heislers and Climaxes.The layout uses Peco Code 75 track, points driven by Tortoise motors and train control is via DCC. The fiddle yard has a sector plate for the branch and cassettes for the mine line.The exhibited section is part of a larger club layout. While stock on the layout is generally kept within period the diverse interest of the group means there are often locomotives on loan from various railways dealing with the traffic.

Scale American ‘HO’ scale
Location Colorado
Van Hire Dependant on hire time
Petrol/Diesel -Van & Operators Dependant upon the distance
Operators Minimum 6
Catering ‘Special’ requirements None
Power One 13amp socket      
Tables Free standing + 1 for stock
Insurance value £1500 plus stock
Set up time 1 hour
Space required

Size 3.6m x 2.1m (12ft x 7ft)

The 12ft edge is the viewing side. No public access to the rear of the layout.

Special requirements NO STAIRS PLEASE

For further information e-mail Tony Cane – the coordinator