00 – West Wycombe

West Wycombe

The new HW&DMRS club 00 exhibition layout

“I doubt if there is another main line in the country that witnessed such a wide and varied range of trains or steam locos and early diesels than the GW & GC Joint in the 1950s and early 60s. Add to that six named trains, the Wembley football specials, holiday traffic from the Midland to the south coast, excursions and much more! With surviving features of Brunel’s original broad-gauge line and Edward Watkins dream to reach Paris via this route, this all adds up to a unique modelling opportunity on the club’s doorstep”.

The story so far

High Wycombe & District Model Railway Society have chosen West Wycombe station as the subject of our new 00 exhibition layout. We will capture this station and its goods yard during the final years of steam haulage on the GW&GC Joint, 1955-66, when express trains from Marylebone and Paddington, outer London suburban services and a wide range of freight movements were reflected in a very busy 24-hour railway.


The variety of trains types and motive power during this period was exceptional. An ever-growing list of steam and diesel locos that were recorded during those years has topped 90 and is still growing!  Obviously most WR examples feature, plus ER and LMR classes during the periods when the management of the Joint line transferred to those regions. In addition, SR locos appear plus a huge array of early diesels.


Add to that a fascinating range of special trains and you have, possibly, an unmatched variety of rail traffic in southern England. Plus, the Brunel heritage. His single-track broad-gauge line reached Wycombe in 1854 and was then extended to Aylesbury and Oxford. West Wycombe station was opened in 1862, at that time situated in a very rural location west of the town.


So, there it is, a setting right on our doorstep that played host to an unrivalled variety of trains and motive power in the transition era, a project that is achievable in delivery and relatively quick build time, and one that embraces our local railway heritage and notably the stories of Brunel’s impact locally and Edward Watkins dream to reach Paris!

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