Club Layouts

IMG_1592Detailed below are the club layouts – either under construction or permanently assembled in our clubroom for regular weekly running. There is an entry for all of the current layouts, layouts that have recently left us and also a link to a page where you can our Member’s Layouts. As a club we try to accommodate every option when it comes to layouts, be it scale, era or geographic location.

Each layout below has a brief description of it’s operation, type of control system and Exhibition details, if appropriate. Click on the layout name or thumbnail to see the picture gallery of each layout.


12One of the new breed of layouts is this ‘HO’ layout. It primarily designed for modern image diesel hauled freight trains that are sound equipped & DCC controlled.
HINTON PARVA – ’00’ Gauge – layout details for Exhibition Managers can be found here
IMG_1585As a ‘OO’ gauge layout Hinton Parva doesn’t come much bigger. Devised many years ago by members such as Dave Potter, Harry Fielding, Graham Muspratt and many more, HP has evolved into what is exhibited today. It was featured in ‘HORNBY’ magazine Issue 9 March 2008. A complex amount of electronics and a maze of wiring ensure a compulsive display at any exhibition.
QUINICY & CEDAR CREEK RR  –  On30 scale DCC  – Under construction

This narrow gauge layout is set in north America deep in a forest area where trees are cut down, transported to the sawmill where they are converted into sawn timber. Ties (sleepers) are moved in gurney cars into pressurized cylinders where they are injected with preservatives before trans-shipping into railroad cars for shipment to far flung railroad expansion projects.

MOTHECOMBE – ’00’ Gauge – Junior layout – Under Construction
Located on the South West coast between Salcombe and Plymouth this fictitious ex GWR station, with SR running rights, is being superbly constructed, under supervision, by our Junior section and has also been used to form part of our Junior Member’s skills learning for their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme. It has already been exhibited and well received at our Wycrail exhibition. If further recognition is needed then an invite to the CMRA exhibition in 2020 confirms not only the quality of Mothecombe, but also the efforts of a young construction team.
SHADWELL – ’00’ Gauge – Planned
A small lightweight exhibition transition era 91955-65) layout based on a city terminus
BIG SKY – ‘N’ Scale – Under Construction

Our latest North American ‘N’ Scale layout. Based on the mountain area between Trident, onto Skyline a small town North West of Helena. At times running alongside the Missuri River some of the main features are Holcim cement works at Trident, the man made lagoon just before Toston, the trestle bridge at Skyline. The overall theme is the natural beauty of Montana, the big Sky County mountains trees and unadulterated landscapes.

SWEETMEADOW – ‘H0’ scale – Planned
Sweetmeadow is a 1950s North American DCC HO layout. At twelve feet long, under two feet deep and on a single level, it deliberately concentrates our minds on a small space and economy of movement. The layout, like many Americans, over-optimistically names a location to entice other settlers. The small town of Sweetmeadow is alongside a river and before the railroad came it probably it was a very pleasant grassland area surrounded by hills. Now two railroad companies access the town and one of them has two separate routes out and a short spur line for mineral working.
Layouts that have recently left us:  Sold or Dismantled
HAMILTON – ‘N’ scale
OXFORD – 00 Gauge
IT’L’DO – USA ‘0’ Scale